First Post About Pup

Pup and I

My name is Carlee and I have a pet rabbit named Wall-E Pup. I call him by his middle name, Pup, and he is currently five months old. Pup is a black “mutt” with gray paws and feet, extremely adorable, but also a devil.

I’ve always loved rabbits. I used to have one when I was a kid. His name was Honey Bunny and he was black too. Unfortunately, he was killed by wild animals that come out at night in the field by our house. 😦 We kept his cage outside. I was devastated. It’s weird but I don’t remember much about him being around and how long we had him.

Pup resides in my bedroom in the corner against the wall so he can feel safe and I will always be near him because I’m in my bedroom a lot.

I got Pup as a Christmas present from my boyfriend Anthony. He went through a lot of trouble getting him but it was worth it. On Christmas Eve he took me out to his car and opened the trunk. I saw two pointy ears sticking up and started to lose control. I was ecstatic, excited, overwhelmed, and happy. Pup was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

Anthony and Pup

Pup takes up a lot of my time but I don’t care, I love him with all my heart. He is a noisy little thing at night. He bangs his food tray around his cage and against the walls of it, he runs around in his cage whenever he gets rowdy, and he chews and bangs and scratches the bars in an attempt of escaping. But I won’t let that happen. 😉

He bites me, scratches me, pooped, and peed on me but I’ll cut him some slack. He still needs to get used to everything and I am in the process of training him.

He really enjoys chinning things (a way of marking his territory with out going to the bathroom), chewing on hay, running around outside, urinating on my leg, and his treats “Yummy Bites.”

Today he was chasing my legs and running in between them while nipping me. I found out that it is a sign of love and it was the first time he showed emotion towards me.

I am going to try my best to post about our daily activities and the funny/interesting things I see him do each day.

Thankfully, I discovered that putting a towel over his cage makes him calm down and rest.

Thanks for reading my first blog post for Pup!

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  1. Hi Carlee that was an interesting read. I enjoyed it He is sooo f n cute. He sure looks big in Anthony’s arms.

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