That Was…Strange

Trying to get out of his cage
All up close

I tried to upload a video of Pup getting mad and biting me.  It wouldn’t work!!! I’ll try to upload it through Facebook.

But he always does this thing when he wants to be put back on the ground. I did it because at one point you can see his big teeth and it’s pretty funny and cute. Also a little scary because those things are sharp.

We took him to the vet last week for an exam and Pup went CRAZY. All the doctor (whose name is Dr. Woolf by the way…how convenient) was trying to do was look in Pup’s mouth but Pup went absolutely insane, started screaming, and threw himself off the counter. Three times! It was bizzare. I knew rabbits could scream because I’ve read it online and in books but I didn’t know they were capable of making that kind of noise. It really alarmed me and I got a little upset. I felt so bad for him. He was so scared and also very pissed he started to thump his feet really loud when he was put back in his cage.

The vet came back and told us that the only way he could finish Pup’s exam was if he put him under general anesthesia. He also told us that he has never seen a rabbit act that way before and that Pup was one in a million (Thanks, Anthony! Just Kidding!!!!) Pup was then put asleep for a little bit and when he was woken up, he was back to his normal, crazy, hyper, manic, out-of-control self.

This rabbit is crazy but it’s hard to stay mad at him because he is so damn cute and soft! Compared to other rabbits that I’ve seen I definitely agree with what the vet said. Even though he was kind of a jerk.

Yesterday I went to a farm in Stirling and there was a giant pig, roosters, and rabbits. The rabbits were adorable. Some were so big! I noticed that Pup is very soft and has really long ears compared to the rabbits I saw yesterday. His fur is longer and softer and his ears make him look like a miniature donkey. I’m so thankful for the rabbit I have.

Pup took this of me. Just kidding.

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