A Little Scare

Tonight I was driving home from my boyfriends house because I brought my rabbit over for the day.

Since my boyfriend is a little challenged, he took a part a piece of the rabbit’s cage today, for some reason, and put it back on the wrong way. I was driving home and Pup was sliding back and forth in his cage. I felt bad for him! Poor thing.

So I’m almost home and I stop at a red light and turn around to look and see what Pup was doing. I saw him stuck underneath the part of the cage that my boyfriend took apart it looked like he was dead! He wasn’t moving and I convinced myself that he somehow choked from being trapped under the bar. I started freaking out and panicking while driving. I wanted to pull over but I kept driving. I thought I was going to be sick because one, I thought Pup was dead and two, just the thought of driving a dead animal freaked me out!

I got home what seemed like an hour later, opened the back door of the car and was relieved to see that Pup was alive but stuck under the bar. It was so sad and freaky, but I was so happy he wasn’t hurt.

Then I wrapped him up in a towel and he layed on me for about an hour. I think he was stressed.

He had a long and busy day. My boyfriend ran, hopped, and played around with him all day while I was at work. He got a lot of love and attention. He was doing so many binkies, he must’ve been so happy to be running free instead of being cooped up in his cage.

I gotta get him a bigger and better cage soon!

Just needed to vent.

What'd ya think?

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