Butter Head

Pup was outside almost all day yesterday since it was so nice out. I was given a new leash for him as a Mother’s Day gift for me…who would’ve thought?!! It is cute but he escaped it twice so unfortunately, I have to keep on using the ugly red leash. He hates the sun so he always finds spots in the shade to lie down in.

A really sad thing happened yesterday, not to Pup, but to a wild rabbit. Somehow, a young wild rabbit’s two back legs were broken and my family found it outside our house by the bushes. They wanted to see what was wrong with the rabbit so they moved closer and the rabbit got frightened so it dragged itself with its legs to get away from them.

It was one of the saddest sights I ever seen and it broke my heart. My dad called animal control and they came within an hour. The man brought a net with him and struggled to get the rabbit into the net as it flopped around and tried to crawl away. It made me so sad. He finally got the rabbit in the net and told us that the rabbit didn’t look to bad so they would bring it to an animal hospital.

Thank God! 🙂

I really wish they could bring the rabbit back to us after it healed (hopefully!) so I could tend it back to health. Haha. Instead they are going to free it but I hate not knowing if it is okay.


My neighbor’s got a new dog not too long ago and it is the same size as Pup. She is a black Lopsipoo or however it’s spelled and her name is Lola. Yesterday my neighbor brought her over because he saw me with Pup.

Rabbits are supposed to be social animals but apparently Pup doesn’t like dogs, not even ones his own size. Lola’s head was down by his butt and it didn’t seem to faze him at first. After a few minutes they went home but a few hours later my neighbor brought her back. Pup saw Lola approaching, stomped one of his feet really hard (because he knew she was coming) and continued about his business. Lola wanted to play with him I guess but he wasn’t feeling it. He hopped towards her real high and growled (yes, rabbit’s growl, it’s frightening). Poor Lola started squeaking/crying so my neighbor took her home. It was hilarious.


Later on that day Pup got kicked in the head by my neighbor while I was taking my grandma back to her house.

Also while I was gone, my uncle thought it would be funny to throw a piece of bread at Pup’s head. What he didn’t know was that there was butter on one side so it got all over Pup’s head and face. He still smells like butter even after I tried cleaning it up.

Everyone thinks it’s funny when they see me outside with Pup on his leash but rabbit’s need just as much exercise as any other animal as well as fresh air. He loves running and hopping around the grass on nice days.


just kidding.

but seriously.

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