Pop Goes the Rabbit

Rabbit’s are the freakin’ best. Pup will be 9 months old this month! I have had him for 5 months. He is currently in his favorite spot, under my bed, but right before that he filled almost every corner of my room with crap. I don’t know why rabbit’s love going to the bathroom in corners so much. Even if I am not looking I know he is doing his business there because the smell of pizza fills my nostrils. It’s disgusting because pizza is my favorite food but fortunately, I don’t imagine little balls of crap when I eat pizza.

Back to Pup…he got zapped this past Friday. I was reading in bed and I let him roam around my bedroom like always. He likes to chew on wires, which is bad, but a lot of my wires have numerous bite marks around them. Thankfully, I always unplug the wires but this Friday was a different story.

I was reading minding my own business and figured Pup was laying down like a human under my bed like he always does…


when I heard a loud POP. I sprang from my bed (to see what was the matter) and looked behind my night stand because I smelled smoke. Pup was sitting by the blackened/smoking wire…he was just staring at it but I put two and two together and realized he got zapped by gnawing on the wire. He seemed fine and unshaken by the event, thankfully.

I hastily unplugged the wire and showed it to my dad. He said he was surprised Pup didn’t die.

I am so grateful that he didn’t really get hurt, probably just a minor zap at the least, but it was very scary. I thought I was going to look behind the stand and see a lifeless animal. I would not know what to do if that were the case and got electrocuted. I am so happy he is okay! ❤




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