My Baby Pup

People who don’t own rabbits may wonder why rabbit owners boast so much about their pet. People don’t know how fascinating this species is. They are unique, as each animal is, and they are a great pet to have. Dogs are known for their loyalty, cats are known for their companionship, so what about rabbits? Rabbits, in my opinion, are known for their personality (not to mention their cuteness).


I’ve had a rabbit for nine months now. He’s just turned one. Apparently he’s in his “teenage years” but I still consider him my baby.

He is the most adorable creature I’ve ever seen. he has these huge pointy ears, even bigger feet, and the softest fur.

He is food crazy. He’ll charge out from under my bed or wherever he is towards the scent of food or the sound of his food bag. Once he’s close enough, he’ll climb all over me in a frenzy quietly but frantically squeeking until he gets his food.

After he eats he’ll plop down and lay outstretched on his stomach. Paws in front, feet in back. He’ll just stare into space until he hears a loud noise or gets bored.


One thing I could never get tired of is watching him clean himself. He claps his paws together then rubs his cheeks, mouth, ears. He takes one ear at a time and runs his paws over it and licks it clean, then takes the other ear and does the same. I could watch him do this all day. It’s so precious and innocent-looking it makes me forget what a psycho he can be.

He has such a spastic personality. It makes for a lot of work but it is also endless entertainment. He makes me laugh every day and keeps my life interesting.

He has so much energy and is fast. Like really fast. Watching him hop and binky around makes me so happy. Not because it so amazingly cute and funny but also because those are his ways of expressing joy.

He can jump really high. He’s a “giant flemish.” They are known for their large feet. He is able to jump on my bed, my night stands, my computer desk, and dresser.

He is a wire chewer. He eats his own poop. Not only that but he eats everything. My clothes, my bed sheets, my hand bags, my fingers (!), my wooden dresser, my rug, my books, etc. I’m pretty sure one of his parents were at least half goat.

He has his mean, devilish, and growling moments, but he makes up for it with his cuddly moments. Sometimes we fall asleep together. There is nothing cuter than a rabbit dreaming. They twitch, they grunt (in a content manner), then they wake up and give licks with his smooth little tongue. Melts my heart.

He is my first pet. I am the one who takes care of him. He is my baby boy and I can’t imagine my life with out him anymore.


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