My Rabbit the D-Bag


I recently said that Pup is such a good looking rabbit. He is black all over except for his 4 paws which are gray. He is also the softest thing I’ve ever layed my hands upon.

After saying this a near and dear friend of mine perfectly described Pup:

“Pup is like a douchebag. He’s perfect-looking but he is an asshole.”

And then I laughed.

Because it’s so true! Even though the word “douchebag” is not a part of my vocabulary.

If he were human he’d be one of those douchey guys.

He is just so perfect when it comes to his looks but his personality is horrible. He bites, he scratches, he growls, and he spazzes out in your arms when you try to hold him for too long. I have the scabs and scars to prove it.

But having him is so worth it. Because he does have his cuddly and precious moments. As long as you’re petting him he will stay still and snuggle up right next to you.

My Egg Boy

Love you Pup!


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