You Know You’re Obsessed with Rabbits When…

The forum has a thread entitled, “You Know You’re Obsessed with Rabbits When…” and I thought the responses were so funny and relatable that I should make a post of all them. The ones in bold are the ones I thought of myself, the rest are from the members of the forum. Hope you can relate!

Cute pup


You Know You’re Obsessed with Rabbits When…

You look for rabbit figurines, jewelry, or other items when you are out shopping

You go shopping and buy more stuff for your rabbit than yourself

When you make an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account just for your rabbit (Pup only has an Instagram account. 303 Followers at the moment! More than me!)

When all you can talk about is your rabbit to everyone you meet

The majority of veggies in your shopping cart aren’t for you

You can pick up a rabbit pellet like it’s nothing

When you rush home and get all excited to see your rabbit

When you don’t want to be out for too long because you want to let your rabbit run around the house and get exercise

When your rabbit has their own drawer in your bedroom

Their cage/pen/enclosure gets bigger and bigger and bigger until it sort of takes over a huge part of your room

You carry a list of rabbit-safe veggies

When some people can’t stand to hear yet another story about your rabbit

When you have more pictures of your rabbit on your camera/cell phone than of you and your friends


  1. Very funny, Car. You also know you’re obsessed when there are holes in your clothes and blankets…and you don’care.

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