Why Do You Have a Pet?

Why do you own the pet you currently have?

Is it the need for a companion? Or the feeling of ownership/responsibility? Or just solely for your love of animals?

Your reason can be one or all of those but whatever the reason may be, I hope it’s a good one.

Sometimes when I see people walking their dogs I think to myself, Why do they even have a pet if they don’t treat it right?

The owner seems bored, careless about the dog they’re with, pulling the leash not in a disciplinary way but rather roughly. They don’t seem to be enjoying the dog’s company. It makes me sad and I wonder how well that animal is treated behind closed doors.

The same goes for when I see dogs chained up outside in harsh weather conditions. Yes pets need fresh air but they don’t need to be covered in snow or sweating in heat.

I’ve been asked several times why I have a pet rabbit. It’s such an unusual choice, they say.

Rabbits are no cat or dog. They are of a breed all on their own.

Before my rabbit was given to me I’ll admit I didn’t know a thing about how to take care of one, but with the proper research and will to learn, I think I have done a great job raising my rabbit, Pup.

Many people are quick to judge.

You’re obsessed with your rabbit, I hear a lot.

It’s not being obsessed, it’s having the ability to love a creature as equally (and endlessly) as you would love another human being. It’s having the ability to nurture and care for something other than another human being as well.

Animals can’t speak yet they have their own way of communicating. You just have to learn their way so you can communicate with them back.

With rabbits you have to understand the signs of annoyance, happiness, hunger, sadness, or illness.

When Pup started walking away from me and flipping his feet, I had no idea what that meant. So I looked it up on various web sites and learned that it meant they were annoyed with you or had enough of you for the moment.

When rabbits circle your legs it means they are hungry and want food. Your food to be exact.

When rabbits lay down flat on their stomachs and legs outstretched behind them it means they are currently at ease and comfortable. An expression of relaxation at its finest.

When rabbits do a sideways kick/jump (binky) they are extremely happy.

And when rabbits do not eat it is a sure sign of illness. Rabbits turning down food repeatedly is considered an emergency, according to Pup’s vet.

So when you get a pet whether it’s to cuddle with, play with, spend time with, or love, make sure that you will learn the ins and outs. Research their body language and nonverbal cues. Make sure you have the time to provide and care for them or else they will end up unwanted, sick, or dead.

Pup Kissing Me at Night


  1. I completely understand what you’re saying, it’s hard to see other people emotionally neglect their animals when you care so much for yours. I have 2 rabbits and 2 other friends who each have a rabbit, and we are all completely obsessed with them, and other people don’t seem to understand why. I think a rabbit is such a special kind of animal that it’s hard NOT to want to give it constant love and attention. The fact that it makes no noise makes it extra special because it’s such a personal connection you have with your bun.

    • 100% agree and I feel that rabbits aren’t just cute but they are hilarious and only rabbit-owners would know that 🙂

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