Attention all followers, I have an exciting announcement. Pup has a new sister and her name is Luna.

She is also a black rabbit but she is a lop eared rabbit and that’s all I know about her since the pet store I got her from wasn’t too knowledgeable.

And before you freak out I will admit that yes, I BOUGHT her and did not RESCUE her but me getting another rabbit wasn’t in my plan. There was a new pet store in town that I wanted to check out. I have not been to a pet store where rabbits were sold so I was excited (but also a little saddened) to see a tiny baby bunny curled up in the corner of the cage.

I immediately fell in love with her and her puppy dog eyes and those huge floppy ears.

When I got her she was only ten weeks old so I thought, Okay, I need to take her under my wing because I know that she will be in good care.

I kept imagining that some mother and her child would come strolling into the store and see a cute bunny and buy her on impulse and that did not sit right with me.

She was all I could think about the next day so later on that night I scooped her up and brought her home with me.

Right now she and Pup are separated because Pup is a very aggressive rabbit and she is a very skittish/small rabbit so I don’t want him hurting or scaring her. She hardly lets me come near her. She will come over to me when I am sitting on the floor and sniff/nose/observe me but the second I move my hand to stroke her she is gone.

She is a very fast rabbit too. She does hundreds of binkies and runs around my room like a happy little bunny should.

I already brought her to the vet to get her checked out and so far, she is one healthy girl.

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