4 Rabbits, 1 Cage…NOT Okay

I’m writing in red because I’m mad.

Today I went to the pet store I started going to in May and as soon as I walked in I was immediately upset.

I saw this:

They may be cute, but their living situation isn't.
They may be cute, but their living situation isn’t.

I was not surprised though (because let’s face it, pet stores don’t care about the animals in it to the extent of going the extra mile, what they care about are the sales and money the animals and animal products bring in).

What made me angry was the fact that there are four rabbits in one small glass box. Yes, there are two on each side of the divider, but that doesn’t it make this situation any better.

Another factor that angered me was that there is hardly any hay in there! Just pellets! Kaytee brand pellets too, which aren’t the best pellets a rabbit should be eating. I feed my rabbits Ox Bow pellets. Ox Bow is the best brand out there.

What the pet store owners/employees do not know is that hay is an essential part of a rabbit’s diet. It aids in GI health which is very imperative to maintain because rabbits are susceptible to GI illnesses.  There needs to be hay available to rabbits at all times. In fact, the amount of hay to a rabbit should be the size of the rabbit himself. This was not the case at the Pet Supplies Plus store I was at. 

There was a white rabbit who was trying to expend his energy. He was hopping around in what little space he had and I could tell it was not enough. Rabbits need to stretch, move around, run, and hop. Unless someone who genuinely cares about these rabbits gives them a great home, this will not happen and I hate thinking of that.

I am still upset and not ashamed to admit that I started crying. I honestly wish I had the money to buy these babies better yet, open up a rabbit sanctuary so I could be sure that every single one of them gets proper love and care.

I asked an associate if the rabbits got a chance to run around outside of their cages and she replied, “No, we can’t.” That made no sense to me and it was all I could handle and so I walked out.

I don’t know what else to do besides email and write an actual letter to the store expressing my concerns and suggestions. I know that the two managers of the store do not care. When I asked questions about a rabbit there they knew NOTHING about her. They didn’t even know if she was a male or female. It just goes to show that nothing matters to these business people other than money and it disgusts me. 

I wish there was something I could physically do to improve the well-being of these four rabbits. Buying them will just allow more rabbits to come in (not to mention I already have two rabbits of my own) and talking to the store managers will only result in ignorance. 

If anyone has any suggestions I am very open. I will be doing research to see if there is something impactful that I can do. The email I wrote has already been sent and I am about to write a letter and mail it to the store itself. Who knows if these will actually be read but it is worth a shot.

Just wanted to express my concern and disdain for this sad and unfortunate situation. I definitely will not be going back to this store to buy anything. It’s a shame because they have a lot of great products that the stores I previously went to didn’t but I will not support them in anyway until things get better.

I feel so bad for these rabbits. It really breaks my heart.


  1. Hi there, I completely understand how u feel. A while ago, I saw a very sick bunny with a completely crusted over nose in a cage full of other rabbits and guinea pigs. I was so devastated. and when I told the people working in the store about the sick bun, they “didnt even know about it” and claimed it only must have happened “that day”, which is bullcrap because you could see that wasnt the case. Do you live in Cape Town, SA? Because the ASPCA have an anti-petshop campaign.

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