A Rabbit’s Diet – What They Shouldn’t Eat

I shake my head every time I walk into a pet store and see certain treats and rabbit food that shouldn’t even exist.

If you see these kinds of treats/food (below) in stores, do not buy them. And if you’re thinking, well if it exists in the first place and is being sold then it must be okay, right? Wrong, because I thought that once. But then Pup got sick with GI issues and I became terrified I was going to lose him.


  • Pellets with seeds and dried fruit in them. These kinds of pellets have extreme SUGAR OVERLOAD. I gave this kind of pellets to Pup and eventually I noticed he was not eating, which says a lot, because Pup never turns down food. He would just lay underneath my bed and not move. I called the vet and told her what was going on and she told me that a rabbit that won’t eat is an emergency so I brought him in right away. They took x-rays, his temperature (he had a 104 degree F fever), and gave me 4 different medications and I had to feed him Critical Care. As soon as I got him home I heard a beautiful sound – crunching – Pup was eating again! The medication the vets gave him while he was still there were working and he was back to feeling better within days. I was so thankful I reacted fast and I will never give him those crap pellets again. So please, feed them pellets and pellets only! No fruit, or nuts, or seeds, or anything else that comes in the package.

*A great brand for anything rabbit related is Ox Bow. I highly recommend it as do a lot of other rabbit owners.*

  • Yogurt Drops. I also used to feed these to Pup when I first got him. Thankfully these didn’t cause any problems but I kept on reading that these were bad to feed rabbits, even as treats. These are sugary and unhealthy. Just because you see a rabbit on the cover of these treats, does not mean they are okay for them to consume.

*If you want to give your rabbit a treat, let him/her have a few bites of apple, the tops of strawberries, or a few blueberries. These are sugary so they should be given seldom but they are a definite favorite for your sweet tooth rabbits.*

  • Anything that says “Candy Coated” in the name. That right there is an obvious. Rabbits are true vegans by the way, and they shouldn’t be eating anything diary after the first 5 weeks of their life. Candy = sugar. Coated = bad stuff over sugar. 
  • Treats that are made to look tasty like donuts or pretzels. 
  • Anything that is artificially colored.


I really care about animals, especially rabbits, and I hate the fact that pet stores, especially big chains, are selling so many harmful products that they know nothing about. It’s clear they are only thinking of the money factor.

I always think that if they want to be in a business that involves animals, they should care about the animals, therefore take some time to get to know how to treat animals.

What'd ya think?

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