I Did It!

There are two reasons why I am proud of myself today:

1. I haven’t eaten red meat in 1 year

2. My letter to a local pet store concerning the well-being of 4 rabbits stuffed into 1 cage was read, responded to, and listened to!

It was last August when I watched the harrowing documentary Food Inc. It was last August when I cried and had to stop very early in the movie and turn it off. And it was last August when I decided that I no longer wanted to eat red meat, let alone, meat altogether. Although I still eat chicken and turkey (but would like to eliminate it from my diet altogether one day) I do not eat red meat for the sole reason of how cows are treated in slaughter houses. I really really care about animals. I went a month as vegetarian but my body wasn’t responding well so I limited my chicken and turkey intake. All in all, I am proud of the fact that I haven’t eaten any beef in 1 year and I plan on never going near beef for the rest of my life.

Back in July I blogged (click here to read)  about a pet store that I frequently visit who put 4 rabbits into 1 cage. It upset me majorly because well, there were four rabbits living in a glass box basically with hardly any room.

Anyway I sent a polite (can you believe it?) yet informative letter to the store itself and to the customer service email on the site about why this is not good for the rabbits, and how they need to get out of that cage in order to move, jump, run, etc. I also stated how there was no hay in the cage (vital for rabbit health) and explained the reasons. Yesterday I finally got a response from the manager of the store:

I am following up with you on your concern about the wellbeing of the rabbits.  Unfortunately we are unable to get larger habitats for the rabbits, but every morning we make sure we let them out in a playpen with ample room for movement and exercise.  With regards to the hay we check throughout the day, as well as, fill their cages at night to ensure they have plenty of hay until somebody gets here in the morning.

That relieved me a little bit, even though it took a month to generate a response. Today I went in the store and saw that there were only 2 rabbits in the cage. I just assumed that they have been sold. One of the managers (not the one who emailed me) saw me looking at them and opened the cage so I could hold one of them. She ( at least that is what they THOUGHT… 😐 ) was so gentle and sweet. Then he told me that they used to have 4 rabbits but a customer (me!!!) complained so they had to ship the 2 rabbits to another location. I was trying so hard to keep a straight face but I was extremely happy inside. I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe that my letter worked. I thought it would be ignored for sure. The manager seemed disappointed about it but who cares, right? Those rabbits will (hopefully) go to a location where they will live in a environment where there is enough room for two rabbits. 

I never brag, ever, but I really am proud of myself for helping out the 4 rabbits. I’ve never done anything like that before and like it or not, my letter was influential enough to make a small yet important difference.

One comment

  1. Carlee I am so proud of you. You see, even though you are one person, your concern made a huge difference for those bunnies and maybe it will trickle down from one pet store to the other, Keep up the good work. You are so me Carlee, I have a huge bee hive living under my front steps, my neighbor who owns Humphy’s an exterminating business, told me she would have someone come by and pour something in there to kill them, I said NO, don’t I can’t kill them she just looked at me with a strange look on her face and said so you would rather get stung, and I said, no but I can’t have them killed the babies need there mommies to survive. I should of been a wild life vet.

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