Pup’s Bodyguard

Every time I put Pup into his cage his bodyguard goes right to work.

Beware of Rabbit.
Beware of Rabbit.

Sometimes she’ll only do this for a few minutes then will continue to run and hop around the room. Other times she will stay like this for a very long period of time.

In other news, today Pup stared at a wall for a significant amount of time.


I wonder what was going on in his head. What is he thinking here? He could’ve been sleeping with his eyes open, like rabbits do, but I like to think that he was just staring.

[Note first picture he is in that same position as well.]

Meanwhile, Luna was under the bed…staring also.


Right now I’m pretty much proving people right when they say that all rabbits do is sit and do nothing. While my pictures make it look like that, it is actually completely untrue.

 Unfortunately, I never get the camera rolling in time to record them running laps around my room and doing jumps and wild hops, but that is what they do the most. They love to play and be active. They are not just loafs 🙂

I will try to get footage of the buns doing all sorts of cool thangs but in the meantime, look up 

rach_sausage on Instagram. Her rabbits are wild n energetic lil things! I love watching videos of them race and jump around their yard 🙂


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