I <3 My Pet a Little Too Much, So What?

Seriously, to all the people who don’t own animals, it’s allowed.

And there is no such thing as loving your animal too much, by the way.

Some people just don’t understand the fact that animals can have a huge impact on your life, no matter what type of animal. I could have a snake or a rat and still be “obsessed” with it.

But anyway, for me it’s my two rabbits who I love tremendously.

Obviously I love my new puppy but I’ve been a rabbit lover my whole life and they are just everything to me.

Time and time again I get comments from people regarding my “obsession” with bunnies. Whether it be a laugh (apparently the fact that I have a blog and Instagram account for my rabbits is hilarious), or a question asking what the fuss is all about, it all can get a little annoying. Just a little.

Here are some I have to put up with:

I don’t get it, what do they do? (The most common one I’ve heard)

How do they show emotion? You can’t tell anything by looking at their face, it’s just eyes. (The dumbest one I’ve heard)

All they do is sit and stare at a wall all day. (The most frustrating one I’ve heard, by far)

So instead of getting really angry and defensive I tell them that everyone is really passionate about at least one thing in their life, and for me its rabbits.

And it’s true. If there is one thing you really really love you are going to put your all into it.

So please, respect people, respect. 🙂


  1. Wow, I wonder why someone would even inquire about your love for your bunnies.
    Some people understand. (me)
    Some people don’t. (them)
    Maybe someday they will.
    In the meantime, carry on. 😉

  2. Oh I have heard the same thing over the last 16 years about my bunnies I have had and now with Bunny no.3 Speedy they finally get it ,it will happen they will get it,you got to remember most people if they did have bunnies they would be out side stuck in a hutch with no interaction and they are only now begining to see them as more as more of us have them inside,xx Rachel

  3. I TOTALLY relate to everything you said! I jump at every opportunity to talk about my rabbits- maybe I’m a little too proud of a “mom”…. But I don’t care, I do it completely unabashedly because they just bring so much joy to my life. My dream is to open up my own animal sanctuary/rescue and devote my life to helping and loving animals like they so completely deserve! When I see my rabbits cuddling each other, I just think that humans have a lot to learn from animals about loving one another unconditionally.

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