The “Turkey Gobble”

Anyone who has a female rabbit knows what a dewlap is.

It’s a pillow-like “flap” of skin under the chin.

What is it there for and why don’t male rabbits have this?

Some breeds of male rabbits do but they are not as prominent and they don’t pull the hair out.

It generally appears when a female rabbit has reached the age where she can begin to reproduce. The dewlap is there so she can pull out fur from it to create a “nest.” Both she and her kits (baby rabbits) will sleep in this nest.

Since Luna is now 7 months, she is going hormonally crazy. It all makes sense that her dewlap developed just as her crazy behavior did.

My boyfriend calls it the “turkey gobble” (which is actually named a “wattle”), and when Pup had a little one, I called it a beard. Turkey gobble is my favorite nickname for it by far. 

Here is Luna before her gobble:


Here is Luna today, basking in the glory of her dewlap:

Dewlapin' it up.
Dewlapin’ it up.

The one thing you should know is that a dewlap shouldn’t be very large. If it is, your rabbit may need to go on some type of diet as per your vet. A very large dewlap can make it difficult for the rabbit to eat and groom. It is also possible for bacterial infections to form between the folds of the flaps.

Thanks to pawsnation for the helpful information about dewlaps!

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  1. Yes My boy Speedy has one always did but only a small one but because of his eye probs he put on a lot of weight so now he is on diet as the eye is gone and there is no pain now,but its slow going as rabbits need to eat to wear their teeth down but it is working,xx Rachel

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