image The Downside of Black Rabbits

There are zero downsides to having a black rabbit…BUT unfortunately they don’t photograph well because all you see is well, black. I’m sure if I was using a really advanced and fancy camera I would get better photos, but without blinding them with the flash, it’s hard! Pup still manages to look perfect in these pictures anyway though…

Bunny Mouf
Bunny Mouf

I had to blind him with the flash to get this photo. Sorry, Pup! But look at his little white mouth and whiskers! So kissable!

Takin' Ova the Bed
Takin’ Ova the Bed

Pup looks just like a shadow here. This was taken at nighttime. He love sprawling out on my bed. I love it too. He’s so warm and comfy to lay with. Until he gets bored…then he’ll leap right off the bed and start licking his coat.

Creepin' While He's Sleepin'
Creepin’ While He’s Sleepin’

I was definitely being a creep while Pup was asleep. Even though his eye is open he is still fast asleep. You can tell when a rabbit is sleeping when their nose isn’t moving. Underneath my bed is his favorite spot to nap. But at even the quietest sound he wakes right up. Rabbits are very light sleepers since they are animals of prey.


A back view of Pup nappin’. So cute.

Bad Boy!
Bad Boy!

At night I drape a towel over Luna’s cage because it helps her (and me!) fall asleep. If the towel is off she digs nonstop and makes a lot of noises banging around her cage. So lately Pup has been jumping up on top of her cage and peeing on it! Thankfully the towel absorbs the pee, but nothing stops this boy from getting into mischief! My rabbits love causing trouble.

Perfect Pup
Perfect Pup

Just a little picture of perfection to remind you that there is no downside to having a black rabbit. 🙂


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