Casting Owners of Extremely Overweight Pets

Do you have a pet that is extremely overweight and desperately needs to shed some pounds? Do they have a life-threatening health condition as a result of their excess weight? Do you want the help of trained professionals to get them back to a healthy size? If so, you and your pet could be on a national cable series! Punched in the Head Productions is looking for all different types of pets!

Please submit your name, age, phone number, two photos of yourself and your pet, and a short description of your current situation to


Punched in the Head Productions is an Emmy award-winning non-fiction TV production company. Their latest series, “Wait ‘Til Next Year” premiered on MTV and MTV’S new app last Friday and they’re currently producing series for Bravo, MTV, Sundance, and Cooking Channel.


  1. That’s kewl. None of my pets are overweight though – probably because I feed species appropriate diets and whole foods whenever possible 🙂

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