Luna’s Getting Spayed

I finally made an appointment for Luna to get spayed. We are going to the vet next Monday!

I’ve been putting it off because I’ve been scared but finally took action because I know that if I DON’T get her spayed then she has a greater risk of developing uterine cancer and I am not going to let that happen if I can prevent it.

I’ve been putting off the surgery because I’m so afraid about her going under the anesthesia. Sometimes rabbits don’t make it because their bodies can’t handle it very well. Spaying also requires more recovery time than neutering. It is a much more invasive procedure and I was also afraid that my little Luna wouldn’t be able to make it because of that.

But after much research and inquiries from other rabbit owners I realized that I was underestimating her. She isn’t as tiny as I thought and much smaller and younger rabbits have gotten the surgery before without any complications.

I looked up the vets in my area that were on the House Rabbit Society’s website and made a list by distance, price, and the way I was spoken to by each receptionist. It’s important that you are treated well on the phone and are not rushed. It reflects the way that things are ran at that particular business. 

I finally settled on a vet that was 25 minutes from me and provided me with helpful information on the phone. The receptionist didn’t even seemed annoyed when I called back and asked more questions. She even told me that they do spays all the time and have NEVER lost a bunny (meaning dying during the surgery) so that’s what sold me in the end. 

Even though the vet I chose looks very good I am still nervous. This surgery just needs to be done and I know it is for the best but I need my lil Luna in my life. I hope she does well and recovers even better.

Please say some good luck prayers/vibes our way. ❤

Miss Prim & Proper
Miss Prim & Proper


  1. I chose to go the other path and not spay my female, She is seven now and still doing very well. I’m not saying this to convince you not to or to persuade others not to do it as well; I’m just saying that I’m not convinced not spaying is a cause for cancer. I would think that not feeding fresh greens, too many processes pellets, environmental pollutants, and not enough exercise would contribute more,

    I do wish Luna a safe surgery and quick recovery.

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