Be Cruelty Free is a great website that informs us consumers about products do not test on animals. And no, I did not visit this site because of the organization’s title, the Leaping Bunny Program. 

I saw some heartbreaking photos of animals of all kinds in labs who were being used to test cosmetic and personal care products. I will not refer to or post any photos because they’re depressing and I hate seeing them. I also don’t want to make this post any more depressing then it already is. Sorry for that by the way.

Thankfully I came across the Leaping Bunny Program because I myself want to start using products that do not test their products on animals. This page tells you every brand that is cruelty free.

Some of the products might be more expensive then the products you currently buy, but I think that switching over is worth it.

I can no longer wash my hair, put on makeup, or brush my teeth with out thinking about what poor animal has suffered so this product is safe for me to use.

Silly? Maybe, but over the past few years I have developed a love for all animals and can’t stand knowing that there are so many out there in pain and suffering because of certain industries who use them for food, clothing, and makeup. Also when you have pets, it’s hard not to picture them as lab experiments, strapped up hurting inside and out.

Take a look at the Leaping Bunny site and you’ll be surprised to see some great brand names who are cruelty free.

Pup's turning his back on animal testing.
Pup’s turning his back on animal testing.

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