Chaotic Dog Morning

This morning I came downstairs and saw my mom in the kitchen gagging while frantically trying to open a garbage bag. Piper pooped in the kitchen. The weird thing is that her poop doesn’t smell like actual poop, it smells like baked beans. Which makes it so much worse, because I love baked beans. Sorry that I ruined it for you but I’m a writer and I need to be descriptive.

Anyway we were already in a rush this morning and while I took over attempting to open that damn garbage bag Piper ran upstairs because the gate was down and went into my room. The rabbits are in my room. Piper is afraid of the rabbits. Every time she goes into my room she lowers herself on the ground and starts whining. Sometimes she barks at them.

Then she raced downstairs into my brothers’ room and jumped onto their bed. I tried to scoop her up by picking her up like a baby but she started doing her low growl while giving me a crazy eyed stare.

We finally got her to calm down by giving her her bone. Whenever she is chewing on a bone nothing else matters. She is unsociable until that thing is soggy and totally chewed down.

And of course, while we were walking out the door, she gave us the classic “puppy dog eyes” stare.

I wish I took a picture, but in the midst of everything I didn’t have the time.

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