Spay was a Success & Very Relieved!

I just called to check-up on Luna because she got spayed this morning. The woman on the phone told me her surgery went great and she is resting comfortably. I get to pick her up at 9:30 tomorrow morning.

I’m beyond relieved. I was worried all day and counting down the hours until they said I could call and check-up on her.

I want to see her so bad now that I know she is okay.

I’m very fond of the new animal hospital I chose. I’ve only been there once (today) but when I walked in I was very pleased with how I was treated as well as the appearance of the place. It seemed very rabbit friendly. There was OxBow rabbit pellets and hay for sale as well as other animal food.

There was a dog and a guinea pig in the waiting room and there was even what I think was the vet’s pet cat walking around and doin’ her own thang. It was clean, roomy, and everyone, including the people in the waiting room, were friendly.

I hope the dog and the guinea pig that were there ended up being okay too!

This is the 3rd different vet I’ve been to. The first one wasn’t on the House Rabbit Society’s web site, and I would rather have gone to one that was, because that means there are rabbit-saavy vets there. The other one was too far away. This one I am going to stick with. The distance was perfect (25 minutes) and I was satisfied with the way things were done. 

Can’t wait to see my looney!


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