A Rabbit’s Slumber

Monday and Tuesday Luna was at the vets for her spay so Pup was out for a full 48 hours (they are not bonded, unfortunately). He was lovin’ life and was definitely taking advantage of having the room to himself.

I was working from home for those 2 days. As much as I would like to let him out while I am gone, I don’t. I don’t trust him. He loves getting into trouble (like most bunnies do) and I do not want to come home to him hurt or sick because of something he did while unsupervised. That is a nightmare I never want to have.

He roamed about, played, chewed, groomed, and slept as much as he could.

As much as I wanted to snuggle up against him while he was snoozing, I didn’t. For one, I had to work to do and two, since rabbits get their sleep during the day I didn’t want to disturb his peaceful looking slumber.



Sleeping with eyes open. Totally normal for buns, although sometimes creepy.
Very relaxed
Pup and I sleeping last night.
Pup and I sleeping last night.

On a random note, I was walking to work and saw a pigeon limping across the street and I felt so terrible for him. As I got closer I saw that his foot was hurt and was curled up. It made me feel so sad and helpless. 😦 Sometimes I hate that I am so sensitive towards animals because seeing them hurt ruins my mood for the day. 


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