“Just Because We Have Nice Fur…

Doesn’t mean you have to torture us just so you can wear what was ONCE OURS!!”

Boy, am I angry and upset. I hate the fact that I have to write about this because it is breaking my heart with every letter I type. 

PETA has released a video of an angora rabbit investigation. I refuse to watch the video because I know I’ll cry.

“About a billion rabbits are killed yearly for their skins. Like other animals who are farmed for their fur, rabbits—who are extremely clean by nature—are kept in tiny, filthy cages, surrounded by their own waste. They spend their entire miserable lives standing on the thin cage wires that constantly cut into their sensitive footpads, never having a chance to dig, jump, or play. Fur farmers kill rabbits using cruel methods—breaking their necks or beating in their skulls—before stringing them up by the legs and cutting off their heads.”-Change.org

These friendly and innocent animals are held down as workers in China pluck the fur from their bodies while screaming in excruciating pain and their skin turns pink and raw. 

This poor creatures could be somebody’s pet, but instead they are inhumanely tortured.

They deserve to be loved, not hurt.

I am so sick of our inhumane human counterparts who have no compassion, love, or feelings for the innocent animals. Everything is about money these days and all of the greedy people will do anything it takes to make money. Every time I read about animal torture I wonder what the hell is wrong with the human race. Sometimes I am even ashamed to be human. 

Humans wearing fur is tacky but if you have to wear fur then make it faux.

It’s not fair what they have to go through.

I hope one day these same humans who work in those farms are hit with a bout of karma.

So I am asking everyone who comes across this post and to those who follow me for 2 things:

1. Please check the label of clothing when you are out shopping and if you see the word “ANGORA” put it back on the rack.

2. Please sign this petition to protect the animals that are killed for their fur. 

You’ll get no annoying emails. It only takes 10 seconds to enter your name, email, and address information.

Thank you.

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