image Go Bunny Blogs!

Pup gnawing on his gigantic cardboard roll.


Hi everyone, we hope you and your pets had a great holiday weekend!

Here are some pictures I took over the weekend.

Also, I have noticed that this blog is almost up to 100 followers. That may not seem like a lot to all you advanced bloggers out there 😉 but it is for me. I am very pleased!

I initially started this blog for fun, but now that I get lots of loving comments as well as likes I thought I would take it up a step and try to increase the number of followers. Not solely for the number but I would love to one day become an advocate for rabbits and this blog would be a great help in order for me to do that!

My goal is to increase the number of followers as well as awareness for rabbits as pets and what we can do to help them. I wish to create T-Shirts one day and donate all of the proceeds to local rabbit and other animal shelters.

So if you know somebody who has a strong love for rabbits or any animal in general please share this blog with them.

And like I said, the reason I want a large number of followers is to raise awareness, not for ego/bragging reasons.

Enjoy the photos!


I knocked the gate in my room over and Pup was terrified of the noise.
Still terrified. Thumped for 10 minutes.
Pup & I on Thanksgiving ❤
I donated to the ASPCA, so they sent me a 2014 calendar 🙂
Pup takin’ a snooze.
I went out Friday night and spotted this gem at a bar.
Pup’s perfect bunny pose.
Luna resting underneath my bed. Her dewlap provides a comfy pillow for her head.


  1. Wooohoooooo! There’s a snow pup in your calendar Pup! I advocate for all animals. Would you like to write a bunny haiku to guest post on my bloggy? Just let me know. Wooowooooo, Ku

  2. I just finished a week of bunnysitting my son’s two bunnies: Thunder and Lightning. They look just like Pup! I never realized how much I would come to love rabbits!! Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it!

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