Funny Bunny

Pup has done some pretty funny things so far in my time of having him.

This morning around 6 I heard crinkling and I opened my eyes to see that Pup somehow got behind the fence barrier I created in my room. It blocks my closet (which he is NOT allowed in) and other areas he is not supposed to be in. Well he has found a way…he pushes open the gate with his nose until it moves enough so he can squeeze by. So I woke up and saw him sitting on a stack of boxes I put random things in and chewing on one of my magazines.

He is so bad!!

Now I have to figure something else out or he will keep on going into my closet and get himself hurt by eating something he isn’t supposed to!

Unfortunately I was way too tired to take a picture but here are a few other funny pictures of things he has gotten himself into…

These are just a few of MANY!

Back when he had his old cage. I was cleaning it and took the top off and he went underneath. So I locked him in there!



Here he decided to lay down facing the wall…what a great view.

He has done this many, many times.


He was doing something naughty so I “yelled” at him and he did a binky and ran away. Little brat.


Naughty boy.
Naughty boy.


This is when he was “hiding” behind my picture frame and all you see is his floating head.

Floating Pup.
Floating Pup.


Lastly, this is when he fell asleep and fell all the way back, exposing his super furry chest!! Looks like a puffy winter jacket.

Puffy Pup.
Puffy Pup.



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