Oatmeal the Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Hey everyone! I decided to start a weekly posting of my favorite animal Instagram accounts.

Tonight’s post will feature a very talkative and very gorgeous bird named, Oatmeal.

Playing with his little black ball.
Playing with his little black ball.

Oatmeal is an Indian Ringneck Parakeet. I’ve never heard of that type of bird before and at first I thought he was a type of parrot, because I thought parrots were the only types of birds that could talk. But after watching all of Oatmeal‘s videos (and I mean all of them!) I realized I was wrong!

I don’t even know how I came across his Instagram account, but I’m so glad I did.

His videos CRACK ME UP and he is just so so cute and hilarious. 


Here is a little bit about Oatmeal

Oatmeal loves white socks, his mom’s knee, and his little black ball. His favorite foods are fresh fruit, cooked rice, millet, and anything that is currently in his mama’s mouth! 

His favorite things to say are anything that is flattering towards himself such as, “Such a good boy!”, “Hey pretty boy!”, “You’re so pretty, pretty boy!”, “I love you!”, and on his cranky days, “Don’t do that. Say sorry!” (I need to add, how freakin’ adorable!!!)

Some of Oatmeal‘s favorite activities are chasing feet (he doesn’t understand that feet aren’t other birds!), looking at himself in the mirror (as well as anything with a reflection such as spoons, the back of the computer or phone screen, door knobs, and ornaments on the Christmas tree!), and riding on the blades of the ceiling fan (when it is off, of course!). I suggest you watch that video in particular. It’s amazingly cute.

Chillin' on mom's sock.
Chillin’ on mom’s sock.

Oatmeal hates the word “no” and will try even harder to do something that his mom says “no” to. He also doesn’t like when anyone puts their shoes on. He’ll scream at the shoes when they are on someone’s foot. Silly birdie…

Although lil Oatmeal is a bird he thinks he is a human. He wants to do everything that his humans do! He eats at the dinner table during meal time with the family, he has to be in the bathroom during every shower, teeth brushing, toilet trip, etc… There are no personal boundaries for this bird!

Oatmeal‘s current home is his 3rd home since he’s been at his breeder. He originally belonged to a college student who couldn’t take care of him. Then his current mama’s friend took him, but she didn’t have much time for him either, and he eventually got sick and starting plucking himself. Oatmeal‘s mama then took him in when he was 7 months old and nursed him back to health like any good pet owner should! He is now a very social and vocal bird, much more than he was with his previous owners!


You should definitely visit Oatmeal‘s account on Instagram, oatmeal_the_irn. His mom takes great pictures and videos that are so worth watching! I guarantee this lil bird will brighten up your day! Whenever I need a good cheering up I watch some of his videos and always feel a little better afterward!

Who wouldn’t love this cutie?!

Gazing at the beautiful birdie in the mirror...aka himself.
Gazing at the beautiful birdie in the mirror…aka himself.

All photos were taken from Oatmeal’s Instagram account.


  1. Thanks for introducing us to Oatmeal, he is a beautiful bird. It sounds like he is really smart too. We will visit his instagram to learn more about him. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

  2. I love Oatmeal’s story and all the things he has been doing. Jenn, it is about time a story teller uses your videos and tell the people how loving Oatmeal is…. He is a hoot. How does he like his new digs in Verona?

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