video Dog Rescued From a Pile of Trash

I was in a great mood tonight. I just spent a relaxing weekend at my boyfriends, was painting my nails, and listening to classical Christmas music. Then I scrolled down my Reader and came across this video. Now I just got done crying. Not just tears welling in my eyes but tears running down my face. 

If you don’t want to get upset, then don’t watch, but I will write about what this video is.

A beautiful, but very poor/sick/weak dog named Miley, has been living on a pile of trash. Literally. For who knows how long. The video starts with a view of her just laying there, totally blending into the trash heap, and she looks like she has accepted her situation. But really she was too tired to really move. 

She had many patches of fur gone, especially on her tail, and was covered with parasites, mange, and developed bacterial infections. 

Thankfully she was rescued by Hope For Paws and where she was given medical showers, medicine, and care.

She eventually met another dog named Frankie in the facility who was recently rescued from a sewer pipe. 

Around 3:40 in the video viewers can witness an amazing thing.

Miley, has taken Frankie, under her wing, literally.

Watching this video not only made me sad but really put things into perspective. 

I know it is impossible to do, but I wish that every dog (and any other animal) did not have to live in horrible conditions. I wish every animal had a home, a foster home at the least, and didn’t have to live a lonely, dangerous, and unhealthy life.

I love writing and that is what I really want to do, but lately I have wanted to start another career involving animals. I do not know what yet but I want to be involved in an organization that helps and rescues animals. Yes, it would make me sad often, but being able to take them out of their current terrible living conditions and take care of them and nurse them back to help would make me feel so good. For me and them.

I would love to help rescue animals, take them into a shelter (or maybe even volunteer at a shelter), and help them get foster homes (and maybe even foster!). I love animals so much and I want to do as much as I can to save as much as possible.

I’m so grateful that Miley was rescued and even though she is still looking for a forever home, I’m so happy she is living in a foster home.


  1. Thanks for sharing this video!! I, too, have tears streaming down my face. I love animals so much and to see them hurting like that makes me sad. To see those two together and loving each other makes my heart sing! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. We are so glad that Miley and Frankie were rescued. Miley and Frankie get along so good it would be wonderful if they could be adopted together. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

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