A Bunny Named Nibbles

Ever seen anything cuter than a bunny in a basket?
Ever seen anything cuter than a bunny in a basket?

My second “Instagram Animal of the Week” is Nibbles.

I call her, “the white Luna” because like Luna she is petite, lop eared, and so so biteable. 

Nibbles is a sweet and precious female Holland Lop. She’s a 6 month old princess bun.

Hi everyone!
Hi everyone!

Like my Luna, Nibbles wasn’t adopted. Both Nibble’s mama and I felt so bad for our buns who we saw in the pet store so we decided to “rescue” them from the pet store, per se.

Nibbles was 1 of about 250 rabbits at the store. All of the rabbits for sale were in hanging cages and there were about 2 to 4 rabbits per cage.

Cruel, right?

It was hard for her to leave all of the other rabbits in the store but Nibbles ran up to her future mama right away and no one can resist a precious bunny stare. It’s a feeling we all have for animals…we want to take them all but don’t have the room or money.

Well Nibbles was quickly scooped up by her mama and made it out of that horrible store.

For a few days she remained with out a name but after witnessing Nibbles nibble on everything in sight, her mommy decided to call her Nibbles. It was very fitting.

She even messed up her mom’s jacket by nibbling on it all the time. Having an article of clothing turn up with holes and rips in it is something all us rabbit owners can relate to!

Nibbles’ favorite things to eat are hay, of course, kale, parsley, and a grape as a treat. 

Streeettchhh! Bunny yoga.
Streeettchhh! Bunny yoga.

She loves shredding cardboard boxes, jumping up on the couch, and laying on top of the air vents to keep cool/warm. 

Being outside is her favorite thing to do. She hops, runs, and binkies nonstop. Sometimes she even just lays and basks in the glory of the outdoors.

Lovin' life outside.
Lovin’ life outside.

She’s addicted to grooming herself because she is such a girly girl. What kind of girl doesn’t like to make themselves pretty?

I feel like her and Luna would be best bun friends.

Groomin' away...
Groomin’ away…

Nibbles can be found on Instagram as nibbles_01.

Her pictures and videos will make your heart melt.

She’s the cutest little white bunny with gray ears I ever did see!

Merry Christmas! Love, Nibbles
Merry Christmas! Love, Nibbles


  1. Aww, we think Nibbles is just adorable. Do bunnies get along well with each other? Love, Cali, Andy Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    • Not initially…they have to be bonded which can take a long time. Pup and Luna are not bonded and I don’t think it will be possible to bond them. Pup has attacked her and chased her around my room a few times, so I am afraid he will really hurt her. 😦

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