Fur is Everywhere!

See this?

Pup's Fur
Pup’s Fur

Yeah, that…

All of that was from a brushing session. And I didn’t even get to finish thanks to an impatient bunny…

Pup’s beginning to shed again.

I must admit, brushing Pup is not one of my favorite things to do and it’s not fun for him either. It makes me sneeze so bad and the fur just flies everywhere and gets attached to my clothes.

It’s painless of course, but he hates being held down. 

I spent about 15 minutes brushing him and pulling loose fur. 

Luna is just beginning to shed but only on her head so luckily I don’t have to worry about her just yet.

Rabbits shed or molt their fur 1-2 times a year but some rabbits (like Pup) seem to shed year round.

He leaves a trail of fur wherever he goes. On my bed, my rug, my clothes, and my mouth (when I kiss him, which I can’t not do!). I am constantly vacuuming and lint-rolling everything!

Getting all the dead fur isn’t just important for neat and tidy reasons. Rabbits can develop a deadly disease called, GI Stasis if they ingest too much loose fur. Since rabbits cannot regurgitate furballs (like cats and dogs) the hair collects in their stomach and causes intestinal blockage. So it’s extremely important to brush your rabbit to rid of his/her fur as often as needed along with giving them plenty amounts of water and timothy hay.


I have been using the Furminator and the Furmate (which is bigger than the Furminator so I have been using that more often) to get all of the “dead” fur off Pup.

It gets the job done nicely.

After collecting all the fur (pictured above) I always think, no wonder people love wearing fur, it’s incredibly soft! But I do not condone it. Never have and never will. But that’s a whole other topic…

Here is Pup post-brushdown:

About to get a treat for putting up with it all
About to get a treat for putting up with it all

He’s looking trimmer already!

Then he went back to being his naughty self and stole the treat bag and dumped all of the treats all over the floor.



  1. Wow that’s a lot of fur for a bunny. Andy has long fur and he hates the furminator. Mom hides it in the bathroom and lures him in there with a treat. Dad calls the bathroom the “furminator chamber,” because Andy acts like it is the torture chamber. Mom doesn’t hurt him a bit but he sure acts like it. Andy is going to try Pup’s trick and steal the whole bag of treats. Furkids deserve a whole bag of treats after getting brushed. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

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