Rabbit Friday #1

Rachel who runs mykidhaspaws.org and I have decided to team up and do 1 rabbit post a week for the month of January! This is our first of five posts. Be sure to check out her blog! It’s nice to team up with someone who has a very similar love for animals ❤ 

My Kid Has Paws

This post comes to you today as a collaborative post from Pup the Rabbit’s author Carlee, and myself. Carlee is the owner of 2 sweet rabbits named Pup and Luna! You should definitely take the time to check them out, she gets lots of really awesome photos of Pup & Luna. We thought it would be fun to do a 5 part rabbit segment. Every Friday from now through the end of January, we will be bringing you rabbit themed blog posts.



Many people consider adding rabbits to their fur-family, especially for children, but many families quickly get in over their heads because rabbits are very different from the typical household pet. We hope, through the month of January,  to equip families with educational information to help them prepare for adding rabbits to their family.

Today we want to talk about some basic rabbit topics: breeds, size, lifespan, and adoption.

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