The Rabbit Warren

2014-01-01 22.46.53

Rabbits find the most unusual places to camp out. Luna is obsessed with this one spot underneath my bed. She’ll explore, run, and jump around my room for a while but when relaxation time comes, she resorts to the same corner underneath my bed.

2014-01-04 12.37.39
So I’m a bunny…dressing up as a bunny? OK ma.

Rabbits like being in dark, confined areas. Rabbit warrens, a series of underground tunnels, are where wild rabbits live. Basically, they are a rabbit’s nesting, living, and resting quarters.

These warrens are dug by rabbits and designed for easy exits and quick escapes.

2014-01-05 21.44.37
This is tha life…

Luna loves her personal little warren. AKA the space underneath my bed.

You gettin’ my lovely rump?


  1. That sunglasses picture is so cute. You look like you are a celebrity bunny dodging autograph seekers. Cats like to lay under the bed too. Our dad says he thinks there is a secret tunnel under the bed. MOL Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

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