More Retail Stores are Dropping Angora Wool & My Humble Opinion

I previously wrote in this post how angora rabbits were being killed, skinned, and tortured in China for their fur. Ever since PETA cracked down and released a video on this grueling process, more and more retailers have been dropping angora products. This PETA article states the following:

So far, more than a dozen kind companies have completely banned angora, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, IZOD, H&M, Limited Brands, Marks & Spencer, and more.

Now, Forever 21 and Eddie Bauer have also joined the above in not selling any more angora products.

This is such great news.

Although there is still something I am more than upset about. 

Those rabbit farms in China have zero repercussions against what they are doing. So who’s telling when it is ever going to end? That is what worries me. I can’t stand knowing that at this minute a poor rabbit is being subjected to pain and suffering.

Can’t humans just wear synthetic fur? Does it have to be real? And is it really necessary for your status in society?

I have very strong opinions about the country and people who participate in these unruly acts.

Also about people who wear real fur.

I think that anyone, including people who hunt, who poses a threat or intentionally harms or kills an animal is a coward. Yes, animals know how to defend themselves but they aren’t quick enough for humans with traps or guns. For whatever the reason is, food, “trophies”, fur, leather, rugs, comforters, and other materialistic things, your reason is not and never will be good enough to hurt or kill an innocent animal. And I will never have respect for those kinds of people. Not like my opinion matters to them, but my opinion does exist.

Animals don’t get a choice. They don’t have the ability to speak like us and voice their opinions, fears, and concerns. They are subjected to the selfish and barbaric human beings who don’t give a care about them or their feelings.

The bottom line is, nobody looks good in fur, except for the animals who wear it.

Fluffball Pup thinks fur should stay on other bunnies.
Luna giving the side-eye to those jerks in China.


One comment

  1. All they have to do is use all the lots and lots and lots of the endless supply of fur that comes off snow pups instead! It’s recycling! The Inuits did it. Wooooooowooooooooo!

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