Buycott App & More Animal <3

I hate how sensitive I am.

Every now and then I get in those moods where I think about the way animals are treated in factory farms before they are slaughtered. I do think of this often, but the moods I am referring to are the times when I think hard, real hard, about these situations and it gets me quite depressed. 

I feel that way because one, I know there isn’t anything I can physically do right this moment to stop it, and two, I can’t help but think of all the fear these animals feel. It’s really heart-breaking when it all comes down to those 2 realizations.

I decided that I want to try to go vegetarian again. It was so hard last time but I have stuck with the no red meat thing. And although I eat chicken, a lot, I really want to cut it out for good. 

Besides the going veg, one thing that I definitely am doing all the way is buying cruelty-free products only.

It’s quite easy and it makes me feel just a tinch better about myself.

Tonight I posted this picture on Instagram

Going fully #crueltyfree for my new years resolution. This one's for the animals.
Going fully #crueltyfree for my new years resolution. This one’s for the animals.

and my friend saw and introduced me to something called Buycott app.

It’s an app that allows you to scan barcodes of products and according to the “causes” you join in the app, it tells you whether or not that product is say, tested on animals, or not. If it is then obviously you’re not going to buy it, hence the name, Buycott.

It’s a cool play on words. I like that kind of stuff, I’m a writer.

Some of the causes I support on the app.
Some of the causes I support on the app.

So far I have joined the “Support Organic & Cruelty-Free Diary Products, Improve Farm Animal Welfare, End Animal Testing, Support 100% Vegetarian Companies, Boycott Companies that sell FUR, Save the Pigs, Save the Bears–Boycott Companies Made in China, and Boycott Companies that Support Bullfighting.”

I’m excited to start using this app. 

Check it out if you already haven’t. It can make a really great difference.

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