3 Legs + 1 Eye = BLISS

My posts for my “Instagram Animal Account of the Week” have been pretty jumbled, but I’m trying to get back on track.

This week marks my 3rd installment and tonight I have chosen to feature Bliss, the 1-year-old Shiba Inu Chow mix.

wink wink ;)
wink wink 😉

Bliss is what many call a “tripod” (or tripawed) dog.

Like many rescue animals, Bliss has a sad story with a happy ending.

Bliss was rescued by her current owner on January 7, 2014, from San Antonio Animal Care Services.

Her abuse case was pretty bad.

Her previous owners didn’t care for her, which is strange, because why get a dog if you are going to ignore her?

They put a bear trap in their backyard, knowing Bliss would get into it, she was stuck in the trap with her leg half off for weeks.

Her owner isn’t sure what happened to her right eye, but Bliss lost it, and it’s believed to be a result from being beaten by her horrible past owners.

She had a rough start but at the young age of 1, she has a bright and happy future ahead of her!

She currently gets smothered with love and spends her days playing outside, relaxing inside, and sleeping in her human’s bed at nighttime.

Complete Bliss.
Complete Bliss.

Bliss loves going to the dog park and meeting other friendly dogs. Dogs are instantly attracted to her because she is so friendly, loving, and of course, adorable.

Her mama’s favorite thing about her is when she asks Bliss if she wants to go for a walk, Bliss starts barking and running around the house in excitement. She sure loves to be social!

With her friends!
With her friends!

Please go check out this beautiful dog on her Instagram page, 3leggedbliss, and follow along her journey and how she lives day by day with only 3 legs and 1 eye.

When you have such a wonderful and spoiled life, who needs the complete set?!

Can you believe it? Running is what she does best!
Can you believe it? Running is what she does best!


  1. Poor Bliss went through such a rough time. It is amazing that she can love and trust again after being so mistreated. I am happy that Bliss found a good home with people who love her and treat her the way she deserves to be treated. Judy

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