Bad Mood Monday

Okay, so I’m not in a bad mood, but just a little mad.

Obviously I love Pup & Luna very much. So when someone makes a comment about them it makes me mad.

My mom said something kind of hurtful to me today about the rabbits. She said, when you get older, no more rabbits.

That annoyed me because

  1. I can do whatever I want once I move out
  2. I don’t like when people talk about my rabbits negatively
  3. It’s very apparent that I love rabbits, and not that I like to think about so far ahead with out them, I would definitely get another one

Rabbits are trouble makers, I know, but aren’t all pets?

Pup and Luna (but mostly Pup since I had him longer) have ruined pretty much everything in my room (bit holes in bed sheets, rip up my carpet, stain my carpet, destroyed countless wires [computer & phone chargers, and lamp cords], ruined a pair of boots, and bit everything wood in my room). 

Would I trade any of those things to get fixed and not have them? ABSOLUTELY not!

These cuties are more than worth it. They give me something to look forward to every day when I get home from work, I love taking care of them, and I also love the sense of responsibility. 

I have learned so much about this certain species and they have also influenced me to start volunteering at animal shelters and maybe even do something animal-related with my career in the future!

Anyway, how could I never want to look at this sweet little face?

Miss Prim & Proper
Miss Prim & Proper

Or this one?


Anyway, if you want to, please LIKE Pup The Rabbit on Facebook. If I get 5 more likes I can see stats of the page which would be very cool, thank you! ❤


  1. I think one of the reason’s why people love their pets so much is that their pets love them unconditionally. They will never give you unsolicited advise. You really know a lot about bunnies and have educated people though this blog. Tell your mother you are doing something good by educating people about bunnies. I think all pets have destroyed stuff but it is the trade off for the love they give us.

  2. I know buns are little destroyers which is why I supervise Speedy when he’s out and about so he’s pretty good and he knows when I shout no to stop,and you’re right when you move out of home you can have bunnies with no arguments,xx Rachel

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