Pup Peeves

This chart is a very accurate depiction of a bunny’s “touch and no touch zones.”



I will use Pup as an example since Luna seldom lets me touch her, let alone, go near her.

Pup immediately flops on his stomach whenever I massage the top of his head or ears. Once in ultimate relaxation mode he will start to “purr” by clicking his teeth together.

 The back isn’t a problem for Pup. He especially likes when I massage his spine. So it’s not a “meh” for him, thankfully.

The tail, aka I Kill You! zone, Pup does not like. And like any other rabbit he haaates getting his paws touched. Do this and he’ll jut them out and kick!

Last but not least, the dreaded tummy area. Occasionally I feel around Pup’s stomach for anything unusual (lumps, bumps, etc.) God Forbid I ever find anything abnormal, but Pup absolutely hates this the most. He’ll kick, let out a little groan, and wiggle his way out of my arms.

Rabbits absolutely love being pet/rubbed/massaged, especially when it’s for long periods at a time–they’ll even fall asleep out of pure bliss!–just not on the butt, feet, or stomach.

Treat your babies good and they’ll treat you good right back!

Me holding Pup's paws.
Me holding Pup’s paws.

Can you imagine how much he wants to bite me here?!


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