Pup & Luna’s Mama!

Hey everyone and bun! I decided that I would take a little time to write about myself.

All of my posts have been about my 2 favorite furry things in the world, Pup and Luna of course, so I figured I’d answer some questions I’m always asked whether it’s in person or online and some bonus random facts about me.

Hope you don’t think I’m too boring 😉

My love for rabbits? See above.
My love for rabbits.

Why rabbits?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved rabbits. There are home videos of me hopping around pretending I was a bunny. I had the bunny mouth (nose, whiskers, teeth all included) and ears goin’ and I stood in front of the camera and wiggle my nose and hopped, jumped, and skipped around the room. Ever since then I’ve wanted a rabbit but never thought to get one. Now I have 2 and it’s safe to say they are the most loved animals ever.

Why name a rabbit Pup?

It’s cute, it’s unique, and there are probably no other buns named Pup. Also, I used to call my little brother Pup and I originally named Pup “Wall-E” but it didn’t stick. Couple days later Pup became Pup.

Favorite thing to do with Pup & Luna?

Kiss their cute little heads and mouths. Pet them ’til they are in complete exile, then smooch them some more. I also like snuggling with Pup. Luna is too afraid of me to snuggle with me, let alone, get close to me.

What else besides this blog?

Instagram, Facebook, a children’s book that’s in the early early early stages, I’d love to create T-shirts one day and donate 100% proceeds to a local animal shelter, and definitely more. These 2 have inspired me to do so much.

What else do you do besides this blog? And all of that above?

I am a copywriter for an online website with awesome daily deals, Nomorerack.com, and I absolutely love working there. Great co-workers, great atmosphere, great job, and great area (NYC!). I also read and write ( about other stuff too 😉 ) whenever I get the chance.

Favorite thing to eat?

French fries. Words cannot explain my deep love for french fries. Especially alongside a nice, crisp fountain soda.

Guilty pleasure?

One Direction. I’m obsessed with those British guys. They make me so extremely happy. Why are they a guilty pleasure? They’re a boy band and they’re a couple, just a couple, years younger than me but they are adorable, talented, and amazing. Whenever I listen to Kiss You I get in such a better mood. I am even going to their concert (see countdown at bottom of site) in August!!!! Words also cannot explain my deep love for One Direction. I’m a Harry & Louis girl. And yes, I ship Larry Stylinson.

What is one last thing you would like to say?

Visit Hope For Paws’ Facebook page or website. I wish there was a rescue like this where I live. Maybe there is, but I don’t know about it. I cannot praise them enough for what they do. They save stranded animals in danger of any kind, but mostly dogs, during the day AND night. Eldad Hagar, one of the founders, is one of the kindest and caring people ever. I’ve never met him but from his videos and posts he seems like an amazing person. It’s a great organization that I’ve recently donated to and if you can, you should too. Here is the link to save you some research time. The videos will most definitely tear you up, but they have all ended positively. I was even crying during my lunch break at work one day and ended up watching at least 10 rescue videos.

Hope you enjoyed!


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