Why I Love Animals

I whole-heartedly agree with each and every one of these quotes:

You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” — Paul McCartney

If you want to test cosmetics, why do it on some poor animal who hasn’t done anything? They should use prisoners who have been convicted of murder or rape instead. So, rather than seeing if perfume irritates a bunny rabbit’s eyes, they should throw it in Charles Manson’s eyes and ask him if it hurts.”


I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.” — Ellen DeGeneres

Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.” — Dean Koontz

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  — Anatole France

To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.”  — Mahatma Gandhi

Animals don’t lie. Animals don’t criticize. If animals have moody days, they handle them better than humans do.”  — Betty White

An animal is never ‘just an animal’.” — Me

Animals bring out the best in us. The world would be such a bad place with out them. They’re always there for us. No matter what. That’s one of the many reasons why we should treat them with the utmost respect.

I’ve always loved animals, but never as much as I do now. Pup has given me such a newfound respect and admiration for all animals, no matter what the kind. I even get awe-struck by a pigeon, roaming the streets of New York, because they’re just so smart. Each animal has something grand about them and we should always have some respect for them in that regard.

You would have to be a coward to hurt or kill an animal, of any kind, for any reason. No coat, hat, sweater, or purse is worth the innocent life of an animal.



  1. you are so so so right. All lovely quotes. I am glad there was somebody from my country, India, (Mahatma Gandhi), because from what i see here personally, animals are not considered living beings at all by most indians, sadly. 😦

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