Thump Thump Thump

That’s all I heard for about an hour straight last night, courtesy of Luna.

First of all let me state that when a rabbit thumps their hind leg, it’s pretty loud. Surprising, right? But those fluffy feet have quiet an impact, even on a carpeted floor.

They thump because they are warning you or other rabbits, are scared, or are pissed.

In Luna’s case, she was scared.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night (thanks to my racing mind) and when I finally drifted off what do I hear?

THUMP. groan…..

THUMP. groan……

aaannnd repeat for at least an hour.

At first I just assumed something spooked her, maybe like a bug crawling across the carpet (that would spook me too!), or maybe Pup was making too much noise. But all Pup doing was quietly munching on hay and I looked around for any suspicious insects only to find a few scattered bunny poops.

I went back to bed once she stopped, got all comfortable, and what do I hear? You guessed it.

THUMP. groan……

I kept trying to calm her by speaking in a soft manner and giving her a treat. That worked for about a minute because she kept repeating it afterwards.

I even picked her up and pet her for a good few minutes, hoping she’d feel safer.

She was eating hay furiously in her cage at times (so I knew she at least felt well) so I was pretty stumped.

Well, those big long ears can be a blessing and a curse because I finally figured out the culprit of her groaning and thumping.

My bedroom is right above my parent’s and they had their TV on pretty loudly (typical, right?). As soon as I went downstairs and lowered the volume at least 15 notches I hoped that was what she was fussing about.

I waited in bed anxiously for the next thump but luckily, nothing.

All was quiet and well!

So the next time your bunny is thumping throughout the night, pull out all of your detective skills and try to solve the mystery at least with in an hour or else you’ll be very very tired the next day!

Loose the 'tude Loon.
Loose the ‘tude Loon.



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