Happy Birthday, My Little Hatchling

My Little Hatchling, aka Luna, is now 1-year-old.

Come to my party!
Come to my party!

I’m not exactly sure which day of March she was born, but I remember the place I got her from telling me she was 10 weeks old when I got her. So I did the math and estimated her birthday is sometime this month.

Luna was always a shy lil girl.

The first time I saw her she was huddled up in the corner of her cage in the pet store (yes, I bought her from a pet store, but I consider that “rescuing” her because I don’t think she would’ve made it too long in there). I asked if I could hold her and when I did she was so so scared. Her eyes got huge and were bulging out of her head.

I bought her the next evening (because I couldn’t stop thinking about her all day at work) and ever since she’s been the same old scared Luna.

BUT she has changed a bit and has gotten a little braver. Just a little.

I think Pup is rubbing off on her.

Like Pup, every time she hears the word “treat” or “treatie” she jumps up onto her perch and sticks her nose out, desperately begging for a treat.

Like Pup, when she wants to come out of her cage, she bangs on the walls loudly, until I can’t take it anymore and release her.

Unlike Pup, in the almost year since I’ve had her, she’s NEVER bit or growled at me. And for that I am extremely grateful. She is just a 100% pure sweet heart.

Unlike Pup, he hardly lets me go near her. I am considered lucky if I get to pet her head for a few seconds before she’s had enough and scurries away.

Pet me! NOW! :)
Pet me! NOW! 🙂

When I do get the chance, I pick her up and squeeze and smooch her all over because she really is the cutest thing in the world. I know she hates it, but she is basically untouchable, so I need to sometimes.

After I put her down she runs away and flicks her feet at me (a sign of frustration/annoyance).

Oops! Oh well! 😉

Luna, I hope I have you for 10+ more years (along with you my dear Pup).

Happy Birthday lil booty girl.

1st Picture. Right after I purchased her. LOL.

Not grown into her ears yet.


She had those “helicopter ears” going on.



  1. Happy Birthday you are a very lucky rabbit who has got an owner like that. Message to Luna SECRET (Luna stop being shy of your owner she wont harm you go look at your fellow neighbour pup hes not been harmed a bit go and jump on to ur owner and give her hugs a kisses) BTW what did you do to celebrate this event?

      • Ok, Serious Blog talk= Would you like to be Masblogs Partners not in a financial way but advertising team blogging etc. No problem if you don’t I mean if you did I would be adding a team blog in my schedule that maybe you would Email me and I would advertise you and Pup and Luna?

  2. Happy Birthday, Luna! I hope you get extra treats to celebrate. You are absolutely adorable and we humans can’t resist the urge to snuggle cute bunnies.Maybe you could give your person a little love? Maybe just one nose rub? XOXO Meaghan and Scarlett

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