Pup Gives Luna a … Present

I think I’m the only person who will ever know how mischievous Pup is.

The pictures I post of him are all cute, lovey-dovey, but very deceiving…

Right now he is laying right against my leg while I take turns between typing and petting his head.

Of course, he seems innocent and sweet at this moment, but the truth is he really ain’t.

This morning while I was getting ready for work I look over towards the cages and I see Pup is on top of Luna’s cage like he sometimes does.

I’m doing a few things at once but what I see next makes me freeze.

The next thing I know, Pup lifts his tail up and pees.

Mind you, he is doing this while he is perched on top of Luna’s cage.

What a little @#%!

I couldn’t help but laugh though…

Poor Luna, as much as she wants to be Pup’s friend, I don’t think he’ll ever give her that chance.

He’s too preoccupied with being jealous of the other bun in the house.

Silly Pup, don’t you know that you’re my first baby, and I love you both just the same?

Looks like an angel, acts like a devil.
Pup taunting Luna

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