Garden State German Shepherd Rescue

I have a special announcement that I am proud to make. After hours of searching for a local animal shelter, I came across a rescue (not shelter) organization named Garden State German Shepherd Rescue.

When I emailed the volunteer coordinator a few weeks ago and told her that I would love to help out with fundraising events and writing for their newsletter, she was extremely happy. They needed a writer, especially since they have SO many events coming up, and it would be perfect to give those events some awareness.

I am so excited to get started. It’s official! I was virtually introduced to the team via their group chat & forum. I cannot wait to help out at events, learn how to perform home visits, meet the dogs, and write for their newsletter and brochures. 

The reward will be amazing. Just knowing that I’m a part of helping these amazing dogs get put into foster and forever homes will make me, and them, so so happy.

I’m looking forward to learning new things, meeting new people, and making a difference. Sounds a bit cliche but it is how I feel!

I will keep updating on my journey in helping GSGSR and post about events, and when the newsletter hits, and even about certain dogs.

Tomorrow I will post about a very special Shepherd named Magic. I haven’t met her, I just read an article about how she was rescued by GSGSR!

So stay tuned–for everything!

And check out their website,!


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