Horse Racing–The Ugly, Ugly Truth of it All

Anybody into horse racing?

I’ve never put much thought into it…until I started becoming heavily interested in animal welfare, of course.

I don’t like it. I have a lot of qualms about it and I feel that only the people who are animal lovers and truly care about the well-being of animals feel the same way I do. And we have our reasons.

This year there is a lot of talk about California Chrome and how he won both the Kentucky Derby and The Preakness. Next up, the Belmont Stakes on June 7th, and he has a good chance of winning. Why he could be the Triple Crown Winner!

Before you compete in a race, you have to train, right? Well, the same goes for these horses. They undergo inhumane treatment. Drugs, abuse, and death. Unnecessary death, I will add.

From birth to death most horses are treated like disposable commodities.

And for what? Money? Excitement? That’s some big BS in my opinion. There is no excuse for that.

I think everybody involved in horse racing–breeders, exercisers, trainers, and jockys–need to find something else to do with their time. Most people don’t take the time to look into horse racing. It’s a hobby, a form of entertainment. An excuse to bet, gamble, drink, or whatever. It’s fun for everyone except the horses.

Here are 2 facts:

  1. On average, 24 horses die per week on race tracks
  2. To train and race through all their injuries, exhaustion, and pain, horses are subjected to an endless cycle of performance enhancing medications and pain masking drugs. These are mostly done on young horses, whose muscles are hardly developed.

These are all taken from PETA in an undercover video they took.

Yes, it’s PETA, and yes PETA is very radical, but that doesn’t sway any truth from the facts they uncovered.

I could only watch 4 minutes of the video before I switched it off.

These are baby horses. And they’re being raced into the ground.

Horses can’t speak up. They have no free will. They don’t have the power to say “NO.” They can’t simply say, “I’m tired,” “I don’t feel like running around a track today,” or “I don’t want any more injections.” They stand there and they take it, because they have no choice.

It’s heartbreaking. If a horse breaks their leg, they’re considered lame, useless. They have to be euthanized. This can ALL be prevented by simply letting the horse live a normal life on a ranch and not on a racetrack.

I wish all of this unnecessary horse racing would stop, but I don’t think it ever will.

It’s all about the f’ing money to people. This world is money hungry.

So while everyone is cheering and drinking along to the race this weekend I will be hoping every horse makes it out of the race safely and that the race just ends already. Hell, I won’t even be watching it.



  1. I know I’m not keen on it my self I would rather watch show jumping,at least the horse can refuse to jump if he or she doesn’t want to and most of the horse are owned by the rider who love their horse as well as what they do,xx Rachel

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