Woman Kills Rabbit Because He Eats Food in Her Garden

Whenever I write something in red that means I’m mad. In this case, mad is an understatement.

I don’t know how to express my disgust on this subject with out coming off as impolite or vulgar so I will try my best. This is something I am very passionate about because it involves an animal that not only do I have but love with all of my heart.

British writer, broadcaster, activist and former vegetarian Jeanette Winterson caught a rabbit eating her roses and sprouts in her Cotswolds garden. As part of her revenge, she killed, skinned, boned, cooked the animal, fed the innards to her cat and took several photos which were posted on her Twitter account. Winterson even joked about crafting a glove puppet with the animal’s head.

She was even quick enough to post photos on her Twitter account of her cat eating the rabbit, the rabbit on her kitchen table after being skinned, and a pot of boiling rabbit on her stove. Those photos will forever be imprinted in my mind, but I do not want to post that rubbish on my blog. It will certainly offend and upset anyone who sees it.

I can’t even begin to state my thoughts on this. It just boggles my mind that someone would have the nerve to do this. 

Did it not cross her mind that an animal’s, not just rabbit’s, home is outside? We humans have different homes. It’s called a house. An animal’s natural instinct for survival is to find food wherever they can. This one rabbit happened to find his food in this beast’s garden. Little did it know it would have gotten trapped, killed, and cooked–all as some revenge for nibbling on her precious herbs. 

Instead of killing this innocent rabbit, why couldn’t she put up more of a secure fence or gate into her garden? Why couldn’t she start planting extra herbs so not all of hers would be lost? Why would a former vegetarian do this? Why would she even brag about it on her social media page? 

This all makes absolutely zero sense and it sickens me. The woman did this out of spite. She must have some underlying issues going on.

Unfortunately, the only way we can send her some kind of message is to boycott everything of hers. Don’t buy her books or any other works. When she loses readers or “fans” maybe she’ll realize that she’s a horrible person.


  1. As a southerner who lives around a lot of hunters, I understand the eating of rabbit. I always thought it sad and one time someone got me to try it and I didn’t enjoy it. It is just part of life that some animals are prey. That being said though, this situation doesn’t fall into that category if you ask me. This was done out of spite and hate. I don’t understand how she could do that being a former vegetarian. The way she went about it is disgusting. I understand hunting but to go and kill it because it ate some flowers?! Really?! Flowers aren’t more important than a rabbit and there are ways to deter the rabbit and if she trapped it she could have relocated it something. Posting the pictures and bragging was horrific and distasteful.

  2. I saw and article about this a few weeks ago,and I have to say it sickened me too,we are not vegetarians and My Hubby used to do a lot hunting including rabbits,but he stopped hunting rabbits when we got together because of my first rabbit Caramel,infact he doesn’t go out much now just the odd pheasent or duck in winter when they are in season which is done humanely as he is good at hitting the target one shot with a air riffle no suffering.but some times he does come across a rabbit which is infected with Myxomotosis and he will end its suffering and that is the only time he will kill a rabbit because it is the kindest thing to do,but what she did was totally abhorrent.and believe me when I say this will come back to bite her later as it always does.if that rabbit came to our garden he or she would have been safe as I would Plant extra just for the rabbit close to where it came in to the garden and made my own crop more secure.xx Rachel

  3. That is so bad. Whats even worse is I live in England and I am British, I never expected British people do get to the point where the kill fellow Rabbits, Animals….Hasn’t the animal police did something about this!? Anyways about the partnership.. has it unexpectedly ended I just wanted to say yeah My Blogs back on

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