Critter Week

I’m house sitting for the week. Yay! Here are some pictures of the critters I am watching.

Don’t worry, Pup and Luna are here with me! I could never leave them home! 🙂

There’s also a goldfish and 2 gerbils but I haven’t gotten a chance to take a picture of them yet.

This is Miles. He’s a 2 year old Shepherd-Chow mix. Such a friendly and well-trained dog. Love him so much!!


I was rubbing his belly for about a half hour here. You can see how relaxed he is here!

Now that's a happy doggie.
Now that’s a happy doggie.

Lulu is around 8 years old. She’s a Maine Coon cat. So soft, so cute, and so friendly. She likes to sleep with me. I like it too.


Miles’ paws are crossed. What a stud. ❤

Paws crossed. So cute.
Paws crossed. So cute.

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