Hey Whole Foods, Bunnies are Friends, NOT Food!

Sigh. It’s a sad time for bunnies. Whole Foods, a highly regarded store that is shopped by a very large number of consumers, has started selling rabbit meat. Let me add a key word, domestic rabbit meat. This means, our lovely little pets we cuddle with, care for, and love deeply are being sold for consumption.

Just because customers have requested that Whole Foods starts selling rabbit meats, the popular business decided that selling rabbit would bring it a great amount of profit, so why not? Right? 


It hurts all of us rabbit owners who would do anything to protect our precious fur babies. It makes us sad to even imagine one of our own being caught, “raised humanely,” and slaughtered for a temporary taste sensation for our palette.

A heartbreaking fact from rabbit.org:

These are the rabbits who will be bred over and over (Oz Farms, one of the growers who will be supplying Whole Foods in Northern California, brags that “one rabbit can produce up to 320 pounds of meat in a year in just a small area” – Press Democrat, June 20, 2014) until they are spent, while their babies (called “fryers”) are slaughtered, with no protection from the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, screaming in pain. (They are slaughtered at 9-12 weeks, when they reach 5 pounds, or 2.5 pounds “dressed,” which means butchered.) Oz makes $7.99 for each of the rabbits that they raise, kill and sell (Press Democrat, Jan. 2, 2014).

There really isn’t much that we the people can do here besides the obvious: writing letters to Whole Foods and raising awareness. Something else we can do, though, is boycott Whole Foods. Boycott, boycott, boycott.

I’ve actually never shopped at a Whole Foods before. I’ve always thought they were more expensive and opted for Shop Rite, so this will be easy for me. What won’t be easy though, is knowing that my favorite animal in the world is being killed for meat. 

It straight-up sucks (for lack of a better word) that this is happening. Now that Whole Foods is selling rabbit meat, other grocery stores will most likely follow the trend (I hate that word) and follow suit, thereby creating a new demand for rabbit meat. Pretty soon, it’ll be more popular than it was and more rabbits will live miserably short lives in cages only to be slaughtered. I may be sounding repetitive but this is something that is very near and dear to me and I feel the need to stress this point immensely.

So please, let us work together to boycott Whole Foods and hopefully make a large enough difference that maybe, just maybe, they will stop.

Ways to Help:

(If you don’t want to keep receiving emails from these sites, then create a “spam” email address, make one up, or simply unsubscribe ASAP.)

  1. Change.org: Please do not sell us in your stores!
  2. Write a Yelp Review for Whole Foods
  3. Tell Whole Foods your decision. Feel free to borrow rabbit.org’s letter
  4. Spread the word by posting eye-opening photos such as this one. 

I’m gonna let this photo sink in… 


  1. Is the photo features from the actual supplier of Whole Foods’ rabbits, or did you pull stock photos from the Internet?

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