1st Day at the Kennel

Yesterday was my first day at the kennel. I have never been to any kind of kennel before so I had no idea what to expect. 

When I pulled in the lot I heard tons of barking and when I entered the doors of the kennel the barking only got louder. When I walked into the room where the dogs were boarded all of the dogs were barking, banging on their cage doors, and some were even growling. Their water bowls were splashing water everywhere creating a mess of dirt and water. Fortunately there is a drain that runs throughout the middle of the room where the water can flow into. 

I wanted to cry. I was heartbroken. Most of these dogs were homeless. It looked like something straight out of an ASPCA commercial (minus the injured/ill animals). Some dogs were giving me sad, sad eyes. I placed the back of my hand against their cages so they could sniff me. I tried to speak to them in a comforting tone but it was way too loud to be heard. I couldn’t even hear what the other volunteer was trying to tell me.

The cage doors were almost impossible to open. It was super hard to concentrate because of the volume of all the barking. I wanted to release all of these dogs and take them to nice, comfortable homes. The situation wasn’t great. The spaces were small (not big enough for a German Shepherd, at least) but them being there was much better than the alternative–euthanization.

The first dog from our rescue we took out was this guy, Blake.

Photo taken from gsgsr.org/availabledogs
Photo taken from gsgsr.org/availabledogs

Blake’s a big guy, but he’s only 4 years old. He’s a lovable pup who just wants to play and be your friend. And he’s a white Shepherd! Before I started volunteering I didn’t know there was anything outside of the black/tan Shepherds. I felt so bad for him when I saw him yesterday. According to the volunteer I was with, it was the first time she has ever seen him cry to be let out. His ears were all the way back on his head (a sign of fright) and he kept crying. He was the first dog we took out to play. He’s such a good-looking dog! He doesn’t do well in the kennel, as do all German Shepherds. I really hope he gets fostered or adopted soon!

Mario was the second dog we took out to play.

Taken from gsgsr.org/availabledogs
Photo taken from gsgsr.org/availabledogs

This guy is really sweet. He has one broken paw and has taught himself to walk and run on only 3 paws. He can walk on all 4 but he can’t do it with out limping. He used to have a home, but he and the other dogs did not get along well. That is how his paw broke. It would be amazing if he could get out of the kennel and into a foster or forever home.

I plan on going back to the kennel this weekend and doing the same thing–walking, playing, and loving the dogs!!

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  1. I love that you can do this ! I always want to volunteer, but I know I will just cry my eyes out and end up with an animal every time I go there.

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