The Annual Rabbit Scramble

The words “rabbit scramble” may seem funny at first. But when you learn what it actually is, you’ll see that there is no humor behind the true meaning.

There is a county fair in Iowa that has a “tradition” of “rabbit scrambles.” Okay, so what exactly is a scramble and what goes on? Well, children chase after baby bunnies and from what I understand, take them home. This sounds like a recipe for rabbit abuse and neglect, first from being chased and dragged around, then when new parents of these rabbits realize how much care rabbits need, what happens to the rabbits? They will end up at overwhelmed humane societies or worse, which I don’t even want to think about! It has 1850 signatures so far, 3150 is needed. Time is running out, please help end this unnecessary and harmful tradition. It’s cruel, inhumane, and just plain stupid.

Here are some photos from rabbit scramble events:

And you know what frustrates me even more? This newsletter and the comments following. I was so irate I almost registered to the site just so I can give those heartless people a piece of my mind! Here are some of the ignorant and delusional comments:

So sad that a few people have to ruin the fun for the children. We have been going to the fair for as long as I can remember and the scrambles have always been a part of them.” – Fairlover

So, if rabbits are so easily “scared to death”, why haven’t I been successful in scaring to death the ones that insist on eating my flowers and vegetables?!” – chatty1

What about children’s happiness at a joyful event that’s been going on since the 1960’s?” -xdfred2

Some are saying, “since a vet is there, they will be fine.” Total BS. What is the vet going to do when these clueless people who win a rabbit take them home and have no idea what to do with them? 

It’s utterly ridiculous, frustrating, and pointless. It’s only hurting the rabbits. The children can go have fun elsewhere, such as the rides and games.

Note: This doesn’t happen in just Iowa. Unfortunately, many other fairs around the US have rabbit scrambles too. 


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