Scooty Poof: The Rabbit on Wheels

It goes with out saying that if you have a pet, you better dedicate a part of yourself towards him or her.

A 2-year old rabbit who goes by the name Scooty Poof has owners who are extremely dedicated to her health and well-being. 

Scooty was rescued in Los Angeles by Too Many Bunnies Rescue and Linda Baley and taken in by Dr. Sari Kanfer. Dr. K had a friend who works for an airline that flew Scooty to Charlotte, NC where her owners picked her up. They are currently looking to get/build a new wheelchair that’s is more stable and better fitting.

scooty poof
Taken from Scooty Poof’s Facebook page linked above.

Scooty Poof gave birth too young and ended up paralyzing her back legs.

If some people were faced with the challenge of having to take care of a disabled animal, there is a good chance that the animal would be tossed aside the road, found in a garbage can (true story, happened in the UK), or straight-up neglected. Scooty Poof was extremely fortunate that she found 2 people who care for her tremendously. 

All it takes is love, dedication, and care and you’ll be one of the luckiest animals on earth!

Here is a video of her exercising, she looks pretty happy to me! And it’s so obvious she has a great will to live despite her disability.

Scooty Poof’s story is definitely something we could all learn from.

For more on Scooty, visit her Facebook page linked above and YouTube channel.

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